Ball Runner 2

Ball Runner 2 is an arcade games. Player must collect ball, diamond, and coin to complete the requirement of every stage. Players are racing against time. Players also face the very challenging obstacle from stage to stage. For first 5 stage, the challenge are still easy to pass, as the players pass to another stage, not only the obstacle the players facing but canon that firing on to players. The AI of the canon are so cool that the canon can auto aiming players and firing it. As the stage goes up, players facing more challenging, the platform are in many piece that force players to jump from one platform to another platform. At the very final stage, players facing all obstacle simultaneously. Its a so challenging games that you must have.

With awesome 3D graphics, cool background music and sound effect.

Features :
– 30 challenging stages.
– Amazing lightning effects.
– Cool physics.
– Great particles effects.
– Original musics and sound effects.
– High quality 3D graphics
– Players can use between keyboard + mouse or gamepad
– 3 different difficulties [Easy – Normal – Hard]
– Awesome HUD.
– Several resolution options.

Screenshot :

Available on : iMac