The Earth Defender

The earth are in danger !!! Every asteroid, comet and alien thing in universe are turn against our earth. They are everywhere, the earth are being attack in every direction. With our at most technologies the President command you to prevent this apocalypse. “Destroy every unknown subject that came near our earth, in all cost!!!” thats his command.

The Earth Defender start with slow and simple level for player to learn and adjust the gameplay. As the level goes up so does the difficulty.

Obviously this is an addictive, quick but tricky games for iPhone, iPad, iTouch and even iMac. With awesome 3D graphics space view and cool background music and soundFX.

Finally, The Earth Defender’s features are :
– amazing outerspace view
– great particle effects
– high quality 3D graphics
– original music and soundFX
– cool physics engine

Available on : iMac, iPhone


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